About Us

The Mississippi Walleye Club is located in Dubuque, Iowa on Pool 12 of the Mississippi River.  We are blessed to have one of the best walleye fisheries right in our back yard but even the most seasoned anglers can struggle with the river.  Our goal as a club is to help people learn how to fish the ever changing conditions, how to control your boat to present your bait, which baits to use and presentations appropriate to the conditions.  Most importantly our goal is promote the sport of fishing!

You do not have to be a boat owner to fish the Mississippi Walleye Club, We pair our members together to ensure everyone has a boat to fish out of. We host monthly “tournaments” of which you sign up for and then are randomly paired with another to fish that event.  Some of our events are “pick” events where you do get to chose your partner but even those events will still have a “draw” oppertunity to be sure everyone that wants to fish can.  This aspect of the club is terriffic for all members to be exposed to the hundreds of years of experience of our members.

Our Monthly General  Membership meetings are typically on the second Thursday of each month at Happys Place at 7pm. Feel free to stop by .but do check the Upcoming Events page.

If you have questions about the club feel free to go to our  Contact Us page.

For more information on membership please go to our Membership  page.