Kids Day

The 2020 Kids day will be held Saturday August 15th, 2019.  This event runs just like a pro tournament.  Two kids get assigned to a Club approved boat with two adults.  We go out on the river for a few hours and fish for non-game fish.  After the teams will weight their catch and have there standing posted on the score board.  All participants recieve a prize and food and refresherments provided.  This is a great event for any and all kids age 9 – 12.

Please have your online form submitted by July 1st 2020, this allows us time to align everything prior to the Event.

This event is totally free to the kids and would not happen without our sponsors.  We accept all forms of donations to make this happen so if you have anything to contribute to the event we would love to here from you.  Anyone wishing to donate items or want to be recorded for a tax receipt please fill out the form below the 2019 image.  Monetary contributions can be made directly by clicking the Donate  button below:

Donate Button with Credit Cards

A big thanks to last year’s sponsors!