Oct 9 – The field is set for the Walleye Classic, good luck to all of those that are fishing!

Boat Boaters
1 Scott Farrar  
2 Jamey Streif  
3 Josh Brestrup  
4 Brian Houselog  
5 Rob Dimmer  
6  Zach Dowell  
7 Dave Flurry Sr  
8 Doug Schumacher  
9 Dave Flury Jr  
10 Don Loeffelholz  
11 Chris Somers  
12 Brian Yeo  
13 Tracy Adams  
14 Lance Kirby  
15 Sam Willett  
16 Jeremy Huberty  
17 BJ Eiben  
18 Chad Parker  
19 Justin Willett  
20 Jerry Eiben  

Sept 13 –  This is the fun of the Walleye Club, after a week of rain the conditions were not prime.  Teams were struggling to catch fish.  To add to the drama, the race was on for the covenant prize of Angler of the year was on.  As the boats came in; 0 fish, 1 fish, 2 fish, and the team of Rob Dimmer and Lance Kirby with 3 fish, just over 4 lbs.  One boat left after 7:52:00 minutes of fishing and no fish to show, the team of Dave Flury Jr and Gump (Jamey Streif) stuck a hawg and pulled off a 1 fish 8.17 lb win!   That fish sets the stage for the AOY prize as now the race has been cut to three.  Three of our most deserving members of the Club.  Whoever wins it will be their first AOY title so good luck Dave Flury Jr, Gump, and Rob Dimmer, may the best man win October 11th!   

A big shoot out to all of those that participated today.  Many “families” were teamed up which is great to see.  As always, its not about the fish, its about who you are fishing with!

(See the Tournament pages for full results and complete AOY standings.)

Sept 10 – The draw is complete for the boats for the upcoming event this Sunday.  May the best team win! Not to late to join, just get a hold of Cody or Lance to be inserted into the lineup.   Click here to see the lineup

Aug 24 – Here is a recap of Bellevue Tournament:  Congratulations to Rob Dimmer and Josh Brestrup on their win.  They finished with a bag of 19.76 which included the big fish of the day at 9.35 lbs!  Second went to the team of Cody Decker and Jamey Strief with a bag of 16.58 and close behind at 3rd was Brian Yeo fishing with this son Mason at 16.21 lbs.  For complete results click here

Overall it was a good day of fishing.  All boats registered a fish for the second tournament in a row.  Half the boats registered 5 fish!  The bite produced many sub-20 inch fish which does prove there is a good young stock in the pool.  This is kind of a relief after many reports of catches that were only of the bigger slot fish.  

Aug 22 – It was the eve of the August tournament and half the field is getting a good night’s rest and the other half is still out getting fired up! We have added 3 more teams! Team 14, Kirby / Kirby. Team 15 Fiedler / Osweiler. Team 16 Krueger / Parchert.

Good Luck to everyone tomorrow!!!

Aug 14 – The draw is complete for the August 23rd tournament and we have 13 teams!  It is still not to late to enter, just contact Cody to secure a slot.  The tournament will launch at the Bellevue City ramp and the start time will be 7 a.m. with a finish of 3 p.m.  See you there!

1 Cody Decker Jamey Streif
2 Sam Willet Renae Willet  
3 BJ Eiben Jerry Eiben  
4 Rob Dimmer Josh Brestrup  
5 Brian Yeo Mason 
6 Jeremy Huberty Chris Somers  
7 Zach Dowell Dan Datey 
8 Brian Houselog 
9 Mike Sievers Matt Trotter  
10 Scott Farrar Jousha Morgado  
11 Dave Flury Jr Justin Willett  
12 Tracy Adams Amy Adams  
13 Tom Erps Todd Caines  

July 11 – Fishing is a game of patience and persistence and boy did it pay off.  Brian Yeo and Scott Farrar struggled early and pulled up to a spot and boated all five fish within a short time to claim the win in today’s tournament; 5 fish 19.74 pounds.  Tracy and Amy Adams pounded 3 of their 4 fish in a short window to claim second at 16.30 pounds and third place Jeremey Huberty and Chad Parker went into the last hour with nothing and took third with 3 fish and 11.34 pounds.  Never give up!   Big fish of the day goes to none other than “Big Fish” Don Loeffelholz which was landed by “Little Fish” Joe Loeffelholz;  7.41 pounds.  Congratulations to all of today’s winners which was EVERYONE because today EVERY boat caught at least one fish!! 

A couple of random shots today:


June 14 – Congratulations to the team of Dave Flury Jr and Jamey Streif for putting up the big bag of  33.65 lbs to win the opening tournament of the year!  Big fish honors went to the second place finishing team of Matt Osweiler and Dillon Imoehl with a 8.84 lb fish and a weight of 16.85!  Click here to see the complete list of results.  More pictures coming soon. 

June 11  –  The teams are in an the boat draw is complete.  We have a great field launching for the June 14th tournament and it will be a tough battle.  Last year it took a five fish 42 lb bag to win June.  The river conditions will be similar so will that be the goal to win? Certainly any one of these teams can put that up!  If others wish to join, the team submission deadline is 6:30 am Sunday. 


June 3 – Well the wait is over…the June 14th tournament IS ON. Instead of fishing out of Clinton we’re going to take off out of Schmidt Harbor in Dubuque to limit travel. This tournament, like all our tournaments this year, is a pick. It will also be a catch record release.

The Iowa DNR has put some restrictions on us in order to have a tournament most of them won’t effect us as where some will be challenging and will need everyone to follow. There is a board meeting Tuesday night where we’ll go over these guidelines and figure out a plan for the 14th.

We will send another email After the board meeting to let you know what will change about the weigh in procedures and other changes we will need to make to the way we do things.

There WILL BE a general membership meeting next Thursday the 11th 7 pm at Happy’s Place. We can only have 10 people per table and 6 feet between tables. If anyone doesn’t feel comfortable about attending the meeting you don’t have to. If you want to fish you can sign up by just letting myself, Lance Kirby or Cody Decker know.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me.

B.J. Eiben

May 20 – The Board meet last night using the video conferencing to discuss our upcoming schedule considering the state of the world today.  After much discussion and creative thinking of how to make Kids Day happen, it was ultimately concluded that the risk was just to great and with the anticipated attendance to be low for participants and volunteers it was decided to cancel the event for the year.  With that decision we did decide to continue with the raffle sales and the proceeds would go to the general fund to pay for the fishing dock that is currently be installed at Massey.

The other big topic of the night was how to get some club tournaments in.  We received a letter from the DNR saying tournaments are allowed with no gatherings, no weigh ins, catch and release only, and staggered starts.  Much discussion was around how to make all this work.  A couple of points did come out of the discussion; any tournament in the immediate future would have to be pick format and we would not be able meet to hold any draw.  We also concluded that tournaments would have to be local pools to avoid travel (Clinton is out, we are investigating moving that to Dubuque or Bellevue).  The Board will meet again early June to weigh the situation and there is a slight possibility we may be able to get some events back on the schedule.  The Board would love to hear from its members to there thoughts and feelings on this subject.

The big news was brushed over above…. the DNR is installing the fishing platform we agreed to pay for down in Massey!!  We don’t have a open date but progress has been reported.  Pictures will be coming soon. 

Also coming soon:  The Mississippi Walleye Club Store.  You will be able to do all your shopping online for Club merchandise.  Just in time for the early Christmas shoppers!  If there is anything other than clothing you would like to see added let Tracy Adams know and he will see if our vendor can provide that to us.  Maybe a nice Mississippi Walleye Club fleece or coffee cups are in your future!

April 16 – As we wait out the time to beat back the virus we all need to do our part.  Today Iowa announced a “no gather” rule for NE Iowa unless it is family.  Brothers at heart we are but I don’t think that qualifies!  At this time we have cancelled the May tournament.  Stay smart, stay safe, hope to see all soon.

March 17 – Due to CDC recommendations limiting all gatherings, all Club activities are cancelled until further notice including this Sunday’s tournament. 

March 12th – The draw for the first tournament is complete.  Four rookies and two returning veterans are going to join in fun!  Who will get the first win?

January 25th – The Mississippi Walleye Club held their annual awards banquet January 25th.  A great meal was shared and a good time was had by all.  Congratulations to all the door prize winners and the big raffle winner of the St. Croix Legend rod was Tim Fiedler!  The individual tournament plaques were presented to the respective winners in recognition of their efforts.  And lastly the individual annual awards were issued as follows:

Big Fish:  Doug and Lucus Schumacher     

Ken Ginter Sportsman Award: Dave Adams Family

Rookie of the Year:  Tracy Adams

Angler of the Year:  Tim Fiedler


Congrats to Steve Seipp and Jamey Streif on their win in Guttenberg on July 21st 2019.

Pics of their winning fish below.

Congratulations to Zach Dowell our 2018 Rookie of the Year!

In Memory of Ken Ginter! RIP KENNY

4-15-18 – Congratulations to Brian Yeo and Ethan Small in their first place victory today in the tough conditions on the Mississippi River. They weighed 3 fish totaling 6 lbs. 2nd place honors go to Dave Flury Jr and Tom Errps with 3 fish weighing 5.9 lbs plus big fish weighing 2.9lbs. Finishing out the top 3 is the team of BJ Eiben and Tony Zalinskas who had 2 fish for 3.2 lbs. 4th place went to the father son team of Sam and Justin Willet with 2 fish weighing 3.10 lbs.

3-25-18 – Congratulations to Cody Decker and Sam Willet who bested 11 other boats on Sunday March 25th out of Bellevue Iowa. They weighed 5 fish totaling 11.2 lbs to bring them the 1st place victory. Second place honors went to the team of  Brian Yeo and Jerry Eiben with 5 fish weighing 10.75 lbs. Finishing up in 3rd place was the team of Dave Adams and Dave Ashenbrenner with 5 fish weighing 10.2 lbs. Don Loeffelholz and Matt Johnston had Big fish honors with a 3.35 lb walleye.

5-21-17 – Congratulations to Dave Flury Jr and Ethan Small who bested 10 other boats on Sunday May 21st out of Mud-lake in Iowa. They weighed 5 fish totaling 18 lbs to bring them the 1st place victory. Second place honors and Big fish went to the team of Dave Ahman and Dave Ashenbrenner with 5 fish weighing 16 lbs along with Big fish honors of the Tournament with a 6.5 lb Walleye. Finishing up in 3rd place was the team of Cody Decker and Tom Erps with 2 fish for 8.15 lbs. For Full Results Click Here

4-23-17  – Congratulations to Ethan Small and Jim Ruggeberg who bested 14 other boats on Sunday April 23rd at Genoa Wisconsin. They weighed 5 fish totaling 12.9 Lbs. Second place honors went to the team of Lance Kirby and Scott Farrar with 5 fish weighing 12.05 Lbs and big fish honors with a 4.7 lb walleye. Following up in third place was the team of Paul Pankowski and Dave Adams with 5 fish weighing 11.15 Lbs. For full results Click Here

3-26-17 – Congratulations to Scott Farrar and Jamey Streif for taking the win on the First tournament of the year out of Dubuque Iowa on Sunday March 26th.They bested 13 other teams with 5 Walleyes weighing  25.85 Lbs. They also had big fish of the Tournament with a 7.63Lb Walleye.  Finishing close behind in 2nd place was the Team of Cody Decker and Ethan Small who had 5 Walleyes for 24.07 Lbs. Following up in 3rd place was the team of Rob Dimmer and Doug Grobe with 5 Walleyes weighing 17.47 Lbs. For the full results click here.

Congratulations to Tom Greisinger our 2016 Angler of the Year

Congratulations to Scott Farrar our 2016 Rookie of the Year

2017 Awards Banquet Photos