Tournaments General Info

The Club hosts “tournaments” throughout the open water season.  Tournaments are in one of two formats; DRAW or PICK.  For DRAW events, participants signup and the DRAW is performed at the monthly meeting preceding the tournament date.  You sign up as a “boater” or as a “non-boater”.  Boaters provide the boat.  We then randomly draw teams to pair boaters with non-boaters. 

For PICK events, members pair up and enter as a team.  These events are where we see husband/wife, father/child and member/quest teams form.  If two members join that combination can only participate as a team for one PICK tournament a year.   At the monthly meeting prior to the PICK Tournament date we will perform the procedure of a draw tournament of the members that wish to join the tournament as well.  Once the teams are complete, boat numbers for the event will be drawn.

The other variance we have with our tournaments is the method to determine points.  We have two formats; Weigh and Catch, Record and Release (CRR).  Weigh events are when the teams keep the fish alive and the actual weight of the catch determines the points.  CCR events use a common tournament method to do just as the name implies.  The length of the fish is converted to a weight and that is what is submitted by your team.  With the slot limit on many of the pools we fish, this option gives us the opportunity to have tournaments where all caught fish can be accumulated for points.  The DNR permit rules dictate that during the warmer months we must follow CRR to ensure less stress on the fish.  

All participants must be current members and acknowledge annually that they have read and understand the rules and additionally accept the club’s waiver of liability to be able to participate.  Acknowledgement can be made on the Membership Form. For a the detailed descriptions of the waiver click  Waiver of Liability  and for rules click Tournament Rules.